Scarlett 18K Gold Plated & S925
Scarlett 18K Gold Plated & S925

Scarlett 18K Gold Plated & S925

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Scarlett:Gold Plated Sterling Silver (S925)

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Sleek detail that add a touch of sophistication, making it a classic everyday piece!

Shower safe

Dimensions:3.5cm (H) x 1.3cm (W) approx

Materials: S925 Sterling Silver, Gold Plated S925 Sterling Silver


Swimming in chlorinated pools, hot tubs, hot springs, saunas and sea water.


Sterling Silver & Gold Plated Earrings

Although contact with pure water will not damage the earrings, chemicals and other contaminants will affect the shine and cause pieces to dull over time. Earrings with cubic zirconia and stones should be removed when showering and sleeping. To ensure longevity of the gold plated pieces, prevent from tarnishing or losing its lustre, we recommend removing when showering.

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